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Extension is a public service work by an academic unit, faculty, staff and students, individually or as a group. This function of an institution is a contribution to achieving excellence in social, and public service, specially the under-served sectors. Extension generates, validates, and applies knowledge that can enrich instruction and research.

Therefore, to come up with a good program plan and become effective in the implementation and be guided in the operation of extension program, standards must be significantly observed where extensionist must tail.

Philosophy and Guiding Principles


Program Success Indicators

These standards are set to work hand in hand and considerably a work in progress as the cycle of its inter- relation must be        deliberated through a result of constant monitoring and          evaluation of programs and projects. Thus, the possibility of     refinement of such process is anticipated without disregarding the expected outcome of programs and projects and not going      beyond the goal statement.

Through this extension framework, the convergence of the three academic function of the institution will be appreciated realizing its existence as a Higher Education Institution while maintaining its culture of excellence and its contribution in the society.