OSS, Guidance conduct virtual Discovery Weekend

The Office of the Student Services and Office of Guidance Services have started conducting the virtual Discovery Weekend for freshmen students through the Zoom platform last February 1, 2021.

Due to the pandemic, the OSS and Guidance office have adjusted the activity from face-to-face to virtual platform, making it a pandemic edition with a theme “Total Self Awareness; Strengthening the Foundation of our Future this season of Pandemic ”.

According to the dean of OSS, Mr. Aristotle Gonzales, the students still do not have any idea where they are heading several months from now.

“They are confused. They lack direction; and can be gripped by fear what lies ahead after this pandemic. Many can describe this phase as period of confusion and isolation.”, he said.

“That is why the Office of the Student Services in collaboration with the Office of Guidance Services have pushed through this special program because it provides an avenue to help students create an act of embracing new life amidst pandemic.”, he added.

The head of the Guidance office, Mr. Carlo Suyu stresses that the changes brought by the pandemic has affected the mental health and spiritual aspect of students, and it needs attention.

“The CoViD-19 pandemic brought many changes in our society, education and life. The transition from face-to-face classes to online or virtual classes and activities of any students is a major factor to consider. This is where the mental health and spiritual aspect must be given much attention. For many, who are undergoing a transition, this can be a terrifying phase.”

According to him, the Discovery Weekend, Pandemic Edition, allows students to see and to express what is in their mind, and bridge the too much isolation.  It is an important personal reflection and time of renewal in helping them find clarity for themselves and their future.

The activity is a 9-day endeavor to be attended by 204 freshmen students from February 1- 9, 2021.