ISAP College presents courses offered as Career Guidance continues

In continuation of the Career Guidance Program – Module 1 of the ISAP High School Department, the College department of the said institution presented its curricular offerings to the participants of the Module 2 on April 30, 2021 via Zoom Webinar.

The Deans and Program Coordinators of ISAP spearheaded the presentation of the courses specifically the College of Social Work, College of Psychology, College of Teacher Education, College of Hospitality Management and Tourism, College of Accountancy, College of Business Administration, College of Customs Administration, College of Information Technology and Computer Engineering, and College of Criminal Justice.

Meanwhile, the College Guidance Facilitators, Ms. Armel Joy Guerrero, RPm and Ms. Rhianne Natividad, RPm presented the results of test/survey conducted and the talk regarding “Factors to Consider in Choosing a Career” respectively.

The activity was graced by Madam Wilma Roa – Guzman, Executive Vice President, and Atty. Cristina Guzman – Natividad, Vice President for Innovation and External Initiatives, through their words of wisdom and inspiration to the participants.

The Career Guidance Program is an annual event held by the institution. This year served as the first time the program was held online. Mr. Niño Mark Lagadon served as the moderator of the said event.