HealthGuard: App in Guarding your Health

The drastic rise of COVID cases in the province is alarming but considering the complacent behavior and attitude of the community towards this predicament as direct interaction gradually becomes more and more common, it is not to be unexpected. Consequently, contact tracing proved to be extremely exhausting. With this, it is only a must that contract tracing should not only be an obligation of the front liners rather it must be a responsibility of every citizens as well.

Therefore, MCNP-ISAP is now collaborating with the HealthGuard app in order to make this possible. With this app, the process can be accomplished via three simple methods: text messaging, mobile app, and web app. Every user would be identified with their HG code as soon as they are finished with the registration. Registration is as simple as the usual input of information and confirmation of OTP pin and mobile ID. In action, visitors of the school campus would be monitored. Everyone will be monitored and be oriented if they have come in contact with a suspected COVID case. In addition, people registered in this app also have the role to report suspected COVID cases making it an efficient two-way process.

The HealthGuard app helps us become more aware and more conscious considering that we are against an invisible enemy. As long as we are in track of our actions and who we interact with, we will be assured of our situation every now and then. Though the app is convenient, we must still remember to observe above all the safety protocols. Limit still the number of contacts and be responsible of your own health as this is still the best guarantee of health security.