More than 3,000 students and faculty members of Medical Colleges of Northern Philippines (MCNP) and International School of Asia and the Pacific (ISAP) participated in the school wide earthquake drill orientation webinar via Zoom platform on Wednesday, September 15, 2021.

Mr. Leverrier Arellano, representative of the General Services Office (GSO), demonstrated to the faculty members and students the proper responses and procedures in ensuring one’s safety during earthquakes incidents.

Arellano emphasized that despite we are in our homes because of the pandemic, we cannot rid with the disaster and we are conducting this webinar to share the importance of educating the students to ensure the survival of everyone against the threat of an earthquake hazard.

The Head of the GSO, Ms. Susan Baliuag, said during her opening remarks “the active participation in the quarterly earthquake drill of the school, aims to continuously educate students on disaster preparedness such as the basic safety tips on “duck, cover and hold” during an earthquake.”

After the webinar, students were asked to have their earthquake drill in their respective homes together with their family.