The Senior High School department of the International School of Asia and the Pacific (Alimannao and Tuguegarao campuses) commenced its first joint virtual graduation with the theme: I’M R.E.A.D.Y. – “Innovation and Motivation, Radiating Excellence Amidst the Defying Years,” via Facebook Live in the MCNP-ISAP Page last June 11, 2021 at 7:30 in the morning with a Baccalaureate Mass followed by the graduation ceremony and back-to-back with Moving Up Ceremony and Recognition Program in the afternoon for both campuses. 

Four hundred forty-eight (448) Senior High school students from ISAP main campus and fifty-two (52) from Tuguegarao City worn their Red Togas during the said graduation ceremony. Whereas, fifty-one (51) students who have their Moving-Up Ceremony from the Main Campus and five (5) students from the First Batch of ISAP- Tuguegarao City Campus.

The graduation ceremony started with a Baccalaureate Mass officiated by Rev. Fr. Antonio Sibayan the Parish Priest of St. Joseph Spouse of Mary Parish and followed thereafter with an audio-visual presentation of Nationalism and ISAP hymn. This ceremony was welcomed by the OIC, President of the institution- Mr. Christian R. Guzman. One of the highlights in his speech for the graduates, “I ask you not to ever stop to pursue knowledge even before you enter college and make the next chapter of your lives you have to make a clear and doable plan direct yourself in building a meaningful, inspiring, and successful future, think of who you want to be, think of the future you want for your family, think of the impact you want to give to your community and to our country.”   

The Address of Petition was spoken by Ms. Danelle Cuarteros from Tuguegarao City campus. The Presentation of Candidates of Graduation was addressed by the OIC, Principal – Mr. Ericson R. Mallari. The Confirmation of Graduates was done none other by the OIC, President- Mr. Christian R. Guzman.

Whereas, the Presentation of Graduates were pronounced by the different Advisers per class and for the Presentation of Awardees were done by the different Subject Area Heads, they are: Mr. Marlon P. Saquiing,LPT (HUMSS-ABM,MAPEH), Ms. Joanna P. Balaqui, LPT (Science & Math), Mr. Rosito M. Tumanguil, LPT (Languages, TVL-TLE), and Ms. Armida A. Sacramento, LPT ( Academic Coordinator, Tuguegarao City Campus).

Meanwhile, the Guest Speaker was introduced by Mr. Ariel A. Durwin, LPT (Academic Coordinator, Main Campus). The Guest Speaker, Dr. Benjamin Paragas, CESO V, the Regional Director of Department of Education Region 2, delivered a message through his Spokesperson, Mr. Amir Aquino, the Head of Public Affairs Unit of Department of Education Region 2 mentioned that, “It is an irrefragable fact that despite our cling to varied ways of life, we have shown how united we can be in advancing common agenda in education. We have done our share in realizing our ultimate goal of producing holistically developed K-12 Basic Education Curriculum graduates who are not only knowledgeable and competent but also value-laden and decerning.”

The Address of Thanks was expressed and represented by Ms. Aljane S. Balidoy from the Main Campus, while from Tuguegarao City Campus was expressed and represented by Ms. April Mallari. The Pledge of Loyalty was led by Mr. Marlon Buena, while the Alumni Pledge was led by Mr. Zachary Cancejo, an Alumnus of Batch 2020. The morning ceremony was closed through a Closing Remarks by the Executive Vice President and Vice President for Administration and Finance, Dr. Wilma Roa-Guzman.  Thus, it was closed by a prayer led by Ms. Maica Marcos from Tuguegarao City Campus.   

Moreover, in the afternoon, the ceremony was followed by a Moving-Up Ceremony. It started through an opening prayer led by Mr. Gerald Ian Hernando, a Grade-10 student of section, Salazar. After the opening prayer, an audio-visual presentation of Nationalism and ISAP hymn were done. The Welcome Remarks was given by the OIC, Vice President for Academic Affairs- Ms. Winnie T. Cancejo. The Address of Petition was expressed by Jam Kieran Mamauag while the Presentation of Candidates for Completion was given by Mr. Ericson Mallari, the OIC, Principal.

Meanwhile, the Confirmation of Candidates for Completion was confirmed by the OIC, President- Mr. Christian R. Guzman. Whereas the Presentation of Completers were pronounced by Ms. Honey Lane Madrilejo, LPT the Adviser of Section Salazar and Ms. Maria Armida Sacramento, LPT for Section Luna. Furthermore, the Presentation of the Academic & Non-Academic Awardees were pronounced by Mr. Ariel Durwin, LPT (Academic Coordinator, Peñablanca, Campus) and Ms. Maria Armida Sacramento, LPT (Academic Coordinator, Tuguegarao City Campus).

Ms. Cheryl JM Gumabay, RN, MSN was the Keynote Speaker who introduced by Ms. Joan Joy Urma, LPT (Language Teacher). Ms. Gumabay asked, “What would you be willing to do to acquire more knowledge? What are the things that are so important that you’d risk your life for it? Are you willing to keep trying through tenacity, perseverance, and share force of will to achieve something you believe in for yourself and the important people in your life?” These questions were addressed to the Completers to help them realize what lies ahead on their lives as they will move to the next chapte of their lives.

The Address of Thanks were given Ms. Rollet Estrada from Main Campus and Ms. Lyca Mae Jhinky Rodriguez from Tuguegarao City Campus.

Meanwhile, the Presentation of Academic Awardees from grades seven to nine and grade eleven were pronounced by the different Subject Area Heads and Academic Coordinators.

Dr. Orlando Manuel, CESO IV the Schools Division Superintendent of Cagayan expressed his message to the students as well as Dr. Reynante Caliguiran the Schools Division Superintendent of Tuguegarao City.

The ceremony continued with a Pledge of Loyalty led by Ms. Cindy Claire Duldulao and an Alumni Pledge led by Mr. Bryan Mamuri, a Junior High School Alumnus. The Closing Remarks was given by Mr. Mark Jesus Manzano, a Junior High School Completer from Main Campus. Thus, a Closing prayer was led by Ms. Abigail Agudo one of the Junior High School Completers.