BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN customs administration (bsca)

Customs Administration is a study of the administration of the customs operations and brokerages. It includes the coverage of international trade practices more particularly in the import and export industry. The re-engineering of customs administration curriculum addresses the Philippine’s commitments to the World Trade organization (WTO). This will form part of the reform measure to accelerate export growth and economic development through trade facilitation.
The Bachelor of Science in Customs Administration is a specialized course wherein graduates are trained to become experts in tariff and customs matters, particularly the clearance of goods from customs custody. The four-year course specializes in every technical aspect in international, regional, multilateral, bilateral trade agreements and special duties. Further, the degree to be earned is a manifestation one’s expertise not only in import and export documentation procedures and practices but also in complex computation of duties and taxes due upon imported articles. The degree is also a symbol of one’s knowledge in Tariff and Customs Laws, other relevant issuances in port operation, warehousing and administrative proceedings. In accordance with the provisions of R.A. 7722, the program was given a government recognition by virtue of Resolution No. 021, series of 2002 of the Commission en banc effective 2002- 2003. The program further follows the curriculum as per CMO number 11 series of 2005.


To achieve the College vision and mission, the Customs Administration Department commits itself to:

job opportunities

After completion of the program and passing the licensure examination, the graduates can pursue a career in customs brokerage and related profession. Specific opportunities are the following:

Entry Level

Advance Position



customs administration


Aware of god’s plan, the Customs Administration department envisions in its student an empowered and skilled and knowledgeable person through committed and dedicated manpower who will work toward this fruition of such vision.


To uplift the Customs Administration Industry by developing outstanding professional who exemplify ISAP core values and are socially responsible stewards and change agents through provision of high quality education and comprehensive training.

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