The admission credentials required for the enrollment of a student, who enrolls at the beginning of a school term, are the following:

1.) For admission to first year level of any degree program, the report card (Form138) or its equivalent from the school last attended with the eligibility certificate indicated and signed by the authorized school official together with their PSA birth certificate, certificate of good moral character and 2×2 ID picture. The report card shall be deemed cancelled upon the enrollment of the student, and the office shall immediately request for the permanent record (Form-137) from the last school attended.

2.) For admission into second year and subsequent years of any degree program, the certificate of transfer from the institution last attended is required together with the certified true copy of grades/Transcript of Records, good moral certificate, PSA birth certificate, 2×2 ID picture and police clearance.

3.) A student who has not presented the proper admission credentials shall be enrolled temporarily and required to submit the credentials on or before the first day of classes.

The International School of Asia and the Pacific subscribe to the open admission but selective retention policy in admitting students. Applicants who seek admission must follow the philosophy, vision, mission and policies of the school. A student who graduated from the Senior High School from the Department of Education shall be eligible for admission to any degree program. However, a student who has not completed the secondary level, but who has qualified in the Philippine Educational
Placement Test (PEPT) may be eligible for admission. A graduate of a foreign secondary school who fully satisfy the specific requirements of a certain degree program may be admitted, provided, that the citizenship is Filipino and any deficiency shall be corrected during his initial school term. A transferee who seeks admission must pass the evaluation and interview of the Dean/Program Coordinator, required to take written and oral qualifying examinations as well as physical and psychological examinations and must adhere to school policies through affidavit of acknowledgement.

The enrollment or registration of a student shall be held during registration days as indicated in the approved school calendar. It shall be conducted in accordance with the institution’s procedures and is subject to the following rules:

1.) The enrollment or registration is every semester,

2.) A student may enroll after the lapse of the registration period specified in the approved school calendar, and be admitted provided that he shall pay the late enrollment fee and be marked absent prior his enrollment, but in no case shall exceed two (2) weeks after the opening of classes. Thereafter, no further enrollment shall be allowed.

3.) After enrollment, the transfer of a student to another institution is discouraged, especially when the student is expected to graduate during the academic year.

4.) No student shall be accepted for enrollment unless he presents the proper school credentials on or before the end of the enrollment period for the school term.

5.) A student is officially enrolled after he has submitted his appropriate admission or transfer credentials; made an initial payment of his tuition and other fees to the institution and was allowed to attend classes by the institution.

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